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Family Courts across the world are destroying families, in particular, they routinely separate children from their loving and perfectly good fathers. Why target fathers? Because fathers generally earn more money and are more often in full-time employment than mothers and will pay and pay and pay, in the hope of being reunited with their children often alienated by toxic ex wives or partners.

Family Courts are a money making racket using our children as bait.

In The Best Interests of Children?

These courts claim that they are acting in the best interests of children. How is destroying family ties, including grandparents and extended family in the best interests of children? The family courts and their employees are even committing crime to drive fathers and their families from children’s lives.

Unjustified Contact Denial
is Child Abuse!

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Profiteering from Child Abuse

We have the situation whereby the Family Courts have become a self serving money making machine. The longer children are abused, the more money they make and job security is assured. The Secret Family Courts and the services that are attached to it are not interested in the welfare of children. If it were the case, why are so many decent Mums & Dads being denied access to their children? If your ex denies you access, the only route available is through a secret corrupt court system that does not act in the best interests of children. It acts for itself - to make money.